Automate Your Home

Everything is getting smarter and your home should be no exception. Cooper Smart Windows allow you to secure and protect your house with the touch of a button. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to secure your Cooper Smart Windows remotely whenever you need to.

On The Go – At the push of a button, homeowners can control shutters for complete home security or deploy insect screens and sun shades to protect the home interior. Cooper Smart Windows lets you talk to your home and automate the protection you deserve. Cooper Smart Windows can be integrated with home automation systems like Elan or Savant. That means if there is a smoke alarm or fire alarm our shutters can be programmed to open, making it easier for firemen to do their job. We can also program the shutters on the first floor to close if the home owner is there and hears a disturbance outside. Castle mode!

Take Control with Command & Confirm – Our patent pending Command & Confirm technology puts you in control so that you can operate your motorized shades, screens, and shutters with your favorite mobile device. Whether you are at home and locking up for the night or on the way to the airport for a vacation, you can secure your home at the touch of a button. You can be confident your home is secure 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Command & Confirm package sends email or text verification that your windows closed.

Take control of your home and get the peace of mind you need with Cooper Smart Windows. To learn more about how to automate your home, Contact Us today.

Hear from industry expert Brian Cooper about the 2-way communication security package, Command & Confirm.


Smart Windows
Get complete home protection and build the way you want.
Residential Roll-a-way
Protect homes against extreme weather and intruders with security and storm shutters.
Commercial Roll-a-way
The ultimate security shutters and product cases for premium retailers who want maximum visibility and protection.