Roll-a-way: Commercial and Residential

Do you want to protect your existing windows with a Roll-a-way shutter? Do you want to turn your existing shutters into smart shutters? Turn your shutters into smart shutters by adding our Command & Confirm package.

Commercial – Roll-a-way products create a powerful security barrier to protect your valuable inventory. After installing Roll-a-way products, retailers have reported up to a 70% decrease in attempted burglaries. Our shutters can be purchased in a variety of see through options that can be back lit at night so that consumers can still see the products in your store even when it is closed. In addition, we also sell and install security cases to protect your inventory.

Residential – Roll-a-way products can provide protection from severe weather and sun damage to your home and are aesthetically pleasing and subtle. The rollup shutters are invisible from the inside of your home. These rolling shutters are designed to fit the smallest housing box in the industry, which them to fit in a significantly smaller space.

Smart Window Shutter – Our security shutters are designed to be the toughest and smallest in the industry.

  • 40-50% smaller than competing shutters
  • 27 times stronger than a perforated 40mm slip hinge
  • Undamaged with 200 mph winds
  • Command & Confirm allows you to operate your security and storm shutters from your smart phone of table a from anywhere

Smart Window Screen – Cooper Smart Windows offers a robust deployable insect screen. With Zika becoming a major health concern, these screens will protect your family.

Smart Window Shade – Cooper Smart Windows also offers an internal solar screen. The motorized solar screen can be controlled by an adjustable solar meter that will automatically roll the screens down when the sunlight reaches the maximum intensity that you desire. These solar shades come in a large variety of fabrics, patterns and graduated levels of solar protection including black out Roll-a-way by Cooper Windows.

Doors & Porches – Cooper Smart Windows can cover patio openings and doorways with the same security and storm shutter system. The shutters can be adapted to fit all different size doors and porches so that you can secure your entire home.

To learn more about how to protect your home or business with Roll-a-way, Contact Us today.


Automate your home anytime, anywhere with Cooper Smart Windows.
Protect your restaurant or kiosk when you close up at night.
Keep your inventory safe from burglars with our security shutters.