Cooper Smart Window Conversions

Convert Your Windows with Smart Window Technology

Cooper Smart Windows can integrate Smart Window products into any new windows such as Anderson, Marvin, Kolbe & Kolbe, etc.

Convert any residential or commercial window into a Cooper Smart Window to get all the benefits of complete protection and security from anywhere in the world. This means when a severe weather alert is received you can close all of the protected openings and rest assured that the QMI 200 MPH rated shutters will do their job.

In addition, deployable insect screens and automated interior solar shades can also be designed to work with all window manufacturers windows. The insect screens are important with diseases such as Zika becoming more prevalent. The motorized solar screen can be controlled by an adjustable solar meter that will automatically roll the screens down when the sunlight reaches the maximum intensity that you desire.

Functionality – You can control your Smart Window with a wall switch, a remote control in the home or from anywhere in the world using a smart phone or tablet. Additionally, our new Command & Confirm option provides two-way communication, where the user receives an email confirming that individual windows are closed. Cooper Smart Window technology is the only window manufacturer that provides this option, providing the ultimate in security and storm protection.

Maintenance Program – We also offer a scheduled maintenance program. Our maintenance team can access all motorized parts from the inside of the house, using a removable trim package.

Innovative Design – Using the patent nested Qompact® design from QMI, our shutters are aesthetically pleasing and subtle. The Smart Window shutters and screens are invisible until deployed.

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Smart Window shutters stand up to the toughest tests including hammers and rods. Get smart and keep your home safe!

Hear from industry expert Brian Cooper on the freedom of design to create your dream home with Smart Window products.

Automate your home anytime, anywhere with Cooper Smart Windows.

Cooper Historical Windows builds historically accurate windows using re-purposed 19th-century glass both in single pane and our unique Thermopane.

Cooper Historical Windows offers a variety of authentic window options including our Newport Series, Nor’Easter Series, and Nantucket Series. At Cooper Historical Windows, we make classic Palladian windows, arched windows, eyebrow windows, oval windows and classic intersecting muntin windows.